Natural Health Products Bill Withdrawn From Parliament

NHA July 2017 Newsletter
July 19, 2017
New Zealand First’s – The Food (Health Supplements) Amendment Bill
July 4, 2018

Natural Health Products Bill Withdrawn From Parliament

The Natural Health Alliance is delighted that the bill has been withdrawn from Parliament.

This is a very welcome development to what would have been regulatory overkill.

The bill would have imposed substantial and unjustified compliance costs on the industry, reduced competition, and stifled innovation. It would have caused the closure of several small to medium sized New Zealand businesses.

Natural health products are low-risk and we have consistently maintained they are adequately regulated under the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985.

The bill began its parliamentary life in 2011 and was finally withdrawn today 8th November 2017. It is particularly pleasing that the various efforts of those who actively campaigned against the bill have finally been successful.

The Natural Health Alliance wishes to acknowledge and thank those involved. We now look forward to sensible and pragmatic proposals where health supplements can be regulated as the “Food Type” products they are.

Natural Health Alliance

8th November 2017

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