New Zealand First’s – The Food (Health Supplements) Amendment Bill

Natural Health Products Bill Withdrawn From Parliament
July 4, 2018

New Zealand First’s – The Food (Health Supplements) Amendment Bill

The Natural Health Alliance fully supports the intent of this proposed bill by keeping health/dietary supplements within the category of food.

It is critical that these products remain regulated under the Food Act.  This will ensure they are safe for consumption by consumers but at the same time provide a pragmatic regulatory framework that allows the industry to thrive without the unnecessary barriers to trade that any form of therapeutic regulation would have imposed.

These products are currently manufactured as a food product and this bill would ensure that not only would this continue but compliance to regulation would be appropriate to the extremely low risk that health/dietary supplements present as a food product.

We support the ability to at least make the same level of claims that supplemented or fortified food products are able to make providing those claims can be substantiated by reasonable evidence. This would be consistent with the Fair Trading Act and existing food related claims.

We endorse this positive move by New Zealand First and believe that this private member bill should be elevated to a government supported bill.

The Natural Health Alliance looks forward to being able to provide positive recommendations and support on how this move can best be applied during a parliamentary process when this bill is introduced to the house.

Natural Health Alliance

2nd July 2018

Food (Health Supplements) Amendment Bill introduced by NZ First MP, Mark Patterson —

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