Our History
The Natural Health Alliance (NHA) was formed in 2003 in response to the Treaty document signed between the New Zealand and Australian governments to establish a single joint trans-Tasman Therapeutic Products Agency (ANZTPA).

The New Zealand Ministry of Health argued that harmonisation of dietary supplements with Australia was needed to manage risk, improve quality and safety standards, to facilitate trade, and to enhance closer economic relations with Australia. Our members believed this primary objective statement to be misguided and without substance.

The Australian regulatory system is viewed by most importers as a trade barrier to the Australian market and protectionist for Australian manufacturers. Australia is viewed internationally as having the most draconian regulatory regime for dietary supplements in the world.

The inevitable consequence of “harmonising” with Australia’s restrictive system would have been to significantly increase the costs of dietary supplements and decrease the range that would be available to consumers in New Zealand.

Although Ministry of Health representatives continually state that it is not their intention to adopt the Australian system the Bill is clearly modeled on a combination of the Australian and Canadian systems, both of which are seen to apply trade barrier, protectionist and pharmaceutical mind-sets.

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Therapeutic Products Act