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  • Media Release: NHA welcomes the repeal of Therapeutic Products Act
    “The repeal of the Therapeutic Products Act is the achievement of a major goal of the NHA,” the chairman of the Alliance, Patrick Fahy, says.
  • Media Release: Let’s take back our country
    Our increasing support in this election is being met with political panic, blatant scaremongering, and worse - attempts to deny people from having a voice...
  • Media Release: 3 healthy reasons to party vote New Zealand First
    1 Repeal of the Therapeutic Products Act. 2 Independent Inquiry into the Covid Pandemic. 3 Conscience votes made by referenda, not parliament...
  • Media Release: Do you have questions regarding the Goverment’s Covid response?
    New Zealand First will be seeking a full scale, wide ranging, independent, one year inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts, into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand...
  • Media Release: Your health – it’s your choice
    THE THERAPEUTIC PRODUCTS ACT was recently pushed through Parliament by the Labour Government which will see natural health products regulated alongside pharmaceutical medicines.
  • Media Release: This election your health is in your hands
    The Therapeutic Products Act was recently pushed through Parliament by the Labour Government and now regulates these products alongside pharmaceutical medicines...
  • Media Release: The natural health products you trust are under threat
    Many New Zealanders rely on natural health products for their well-being. These products have been regulated by the Food Act for decades, which the Natural Health Alliance believes has served well both our industry and the safety of New Zealanders.
  • Media Release: Therapeutic Products Act
    Many New Zealanders rely on natural health products for their well-being...
  • Join the fight: Repeal the Therapeutic Products Act
    In July 2023, the Labour-led government used its absolute Parliamentary majority and urgency rules to ram through the Therapeutic Products Bill. It was signed off by the Governor-General and is now law.
  • Therapeutic Products Act – Is it the final nail in the coffin for the natural health industry?
    The Therapeutic Products Act, passed this week by the government under urgency, could be the final nail in the coffin for the New Zealand natural health industry, the Natural Health Alliance, a group representing importers, exporters, retailers, distributors, and practitioners of natural health products, said today.
  • Wellington Public Meeting on the Therapeutic Products Bill, 2 May 2023
    The Natural Health Alliance hosted a public meeting in Wellington, New Zealand, on the impact that the Therapeutic Products Bill will have on consumers of natural health products in New Zealand and how it will affect the ability of people to manage their own health.
  • Contentious Therapeutic Products Bill Threatens Livelihoods of Kiwi Importers
    Importers and suppliers of natural health products in New Zealand will be forced out of business if the Therapeutic Products Bill currently before Parliament is passed into law as it stands. The proposed legislation will make it too expensive for importers of natural health products to comply with regulations, forcing them out of business and directing consumer spending away from local providers in favour of the large, overseas online sellers.  The Natural Health Alliance chairman Paddy Fahy has been fielding comments from his membership (natural health products retailers, distributors and health practitioners) and who have voiced their concerns about the […]
  • Therapeutic Products Bill – What can you do?
    Two previous attempts to regulate the natural health products industry with similar type legislation were withdrawn from parliament due to public pressure. These bills would have resulted in all small and medium sized health product manufacturers (the innovative sector) going out of business, because of excessive red tape and costs to comply, as well as capricious daily upper limits set on nutrients and not being able to truthfully convey the health benefits of products to consumers without undertaking multibillion dollar clinical trials.
  • New Zealand First’s – The Food (Health Supplements) Amendment Bill
    The Natural Health Alliance fully supports the intent of this proposed bill by keeping health/dietary supplements within the category of food. It is critical that these products remain regulated under the Food Act.  This will ensure they are safe for consumption by consumers but at the same time provide a pragmatic regulatory framework that allows the industry to thrive without the unnecessary barriers to trade that any form of therapeutic regulation would have imposed. These products are currently manufactured as a food product and this bill would ensure that not only would this continue but compliance to regulation would be […]
  • Natural Health Products Bill Withdrawn From Parliament
    The Natural Health Alliance is delighted that the bill has been withdrawn from Parliament. This is a very welcome development to what would have been regulatory overkill. The bill would have imposed substantial and unjustified compliance costs on the industry, reduced competition, and stifled innovation. It would have caused the closure of several small to medium sized New Zealand businesses. Natural health products are low-risk and we have consistently maintained they are adequately regulated under the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985. The bill began its parliamentary life in 2011 and was finally withdrawn today 8th November 2017. It is particularly pleasing […]
  • NHA July 2017 Newsletter
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  • NHA eNews June 2017
    Click here to view our online newsletter – to subscribe to receive this newsletter direct to your email, fill in the form below… Featured in this month’s newsletter: • The Natural Health Products Bill (NHPB) is now sitting at placement number 35 on the Parliamentary Order Paper, down two positions since last month • New Zealand First Leader speaks out against the NHPB • ACT and the Maori Party also do not support the NHPB • NPNZ members “New Image” say the Bill should be dropped – permanently!
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